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About Illustrator Stuff

Illustrator Stuff is an artist centric online marketplace for vector (commonly created in Adobe Illustrator) fashion flat templates, fashion croquis, trim libraries, pattern brushes and repeating patterns. We focus on selling individually packaged files for under $10 each of high quality content from top notch designers and artists.

No Credits. No Bundles. No Subscriptions.

Illustrator Stuff is committed to delivering affordable and high quality content in small increments so you can buy exactly what you need and no more. Individually packaged downloads for just a few bucks each make up most of our inventory. Designers understand that smaller products allow users to build their own "bundle" as well as get that one file right now without breaking the bank!

Think about it like this: "Why buy the whole album when I just want one song?"

We focus on micro-transactions offers an experience where you can buy individually packaged products and not feel forced into bulk purchases.  

We're Proud to Be Artist Centric!

Our designers are key. We don't hide their website or business, instead we celebrate the freelancer, small company, and entrepreneur of all types and levels! 

Who's Behind Illustrator Stuff?

Illustrator Stuff is run by Heidi (of Sew Heidi) & Marc, a husband and wife team.  With backgrounds in graphic & fashion design, web development and a desire to collaborate with like minded artists, they had all the right skills to launch Illustrator Stuff and knew there was a gap in the marketplace.

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