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Fees Policy

Listing Fees
There are no fees for listing products on Illustrator Stuff. Listings do not expire and will not be removed unless done so manually by you or by Illustrator Stuff if determined unfit for the Site at Illustrator Stuff’s sole discretion.

Due to the nature of digital download products, you do not need to set inventory levels for products nor do you need to re-list a product once it has sold. The product will continue to be for sale regardless of the number of times it sells unless it is manually removed by you or Illustrator Stuff.

Listing Price Structure 
You may set your own price for products sold on Illustrator Stuff, however pricing and products must follow these guidelines (read why here):
  • Products are to be packaged and sold as individual products or small packs with product variants
  • We suggest pricing products between $0.99-$4.99
  • No single product may be under $0.99 or over $10.00
Transaction Fee Tiers
When your product is sold on Illustrator Stuff, we collect a transaction fee which is a percentage of the gross sale price. Our transaction fee structure has two tiers as follows:

List Price Transaction Fee Tier (% of gross sale price)
$1.99 - $10.00 You receive 70% (30% transaction fee tier)
$0.99 - $1.98 You receive 50% (50% transaction fee tier)

Promotions, Discounts & Sales
Promotions, discounts and sales are periodically advertised. By listing products on Illustrator Stuff, you opt in to and agree that your product may be sold at a discounted price as part of a promotion or sale. Transaction fees for products sold at a discounted price are the same for products sold at full price. Transaction fee tiers are determined by the product's list price, not the product's discounted price. For example:

List Price Gross Sale Price (after 20% discount) Transaction Fee Tier
$3.99 $3.19 You receive $2.23 (30% transaction fee tier is $0.96)
$1.99 $1.59 You receive $1.11 (30% transaction fee tier is $0.48)
$1.49 $1.19 You receive $0.60 (50%  transaction fee tier is $0.59)
$0.99 $0.79 You receive $0.40 (50%  transaction fee tier is $0.39)

Payout Schedule
Payouts are made on the second Friday of each month. Your account balance must be $30 or more to trigger an automatic payout. If your account balance is less than $30, you may submit a written request for payout. Payouts are made via PayPal (unless you have made specific arrangements with Illustrator Stuff for an alternative form of payment) and you are responsible for all transaction fees associated with payouts. Current transaction fees for PayPal can be found here.

Sales Reports
Sales reports will be sent along with your payouts on the second Friday of each month.  You will receive a sales report even if your account has not reached the $30 balance to trigger a payout and even if you have had zero sales.  You may also request a written request for a sales report at any time. 

Shipping Fees
Due to the nature of digital download products, there are to be no shipping or delivery fees associated with products sold in Illustrator Stuff. Physical products are currently not allowed for sale on Illustrator Stuff.

Currency Conversion
All fees and transactions on Illustrator Stuff are in US Dollars. We currently only offer products for sale in US Dollars therefore all products submitted for sale on Illustrator Stuff must be priced in US Dollars. Transaction fees and payouts are both calculated in US Dollars.

For more information on Illustrator Stuff policies, please review the Terms of Use, Privacy Policy, Illustrated License and Copyright and Intellectual Property Policy.